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TAG @ Large

Initiated during Tyler Hall renovations in 2014, Tyler Art Gallery @ Large engages the serious and casual viewer alike and enlivens the campus environment by placing artworks around the SUNY Oswego Campus outside of regular gallery locations. These include outdoor banners, public sculptures and college art collection artworks.

Oswego Outdoor Sculpture Initiative, 2014

Comprised of six outdoor sculptures by regional and national artists and installed among stately maple trees midway between Campus Center and Penfield Library. A variety of provocative works give a taste of trends in contemporary sculpture from organic to geometric. Supported by ARTSwego, the Office of the Provost and SUNY Oswego Department of Facilities Services.

  • Belfry

    Cast Iron sculpture titled "Belfry" by Edward V. Kelley

    Edward Kelley often addresses systems and actions within the human experience through a lighthearted, tongue-in-cheek approach. His chosen materials and forms document a personal investigation of habits, construction methods and societal norms. Belfry directly references historic, centrally located bell towers that, when rung, served as community signals. Their “message” to citizens might initiate celebrating, gathering ...

  • Questioning State

    Steel sculpture titled "Questioning State" by Drew Goerlitz

    Questioning State is part of a Drew Goerlitz’s series based on the idea of reliquaries. The piece simultaneously suggests a hollow vessel and a solid fluted column with multiple associations and ambiguities. It has a powerful presence yet is squeezed under the pressure of some unseen force. Says Goerlitz, Containment, concealment, and privacy have been ...

  • Cutter

    Painted steel sculpture titled "Cutter" by Eric Stein

    Eric Stein’s Cutter features his signature brightly-painted, geometric, abstract forms. Though the work’s title may suggest a small sailing boat, Stein’s minimalist approach deliberately downplays narrative and personally expressive elements. This focus on formal design; termed Minimalism in the 1960’s, has direct counterparts in painting and architecture. The powerful diagonal thrust of the forms are ...

  • Shape Shifters

    Cast aluminum sculpture titled "Shape Shifters" by Coral Penelope Lambert

    Coral Lambert’s sculpture Shape Shifters shows her interest in cast metal that is enlivened by references to natural objects such as shells and pods. The two halves of the Shape Shifters seem arrested at a moment when, through some unknown natural process, they are splitting or joining. The yellow flocking inside calls attention to the ...

  • Pileated Woodpecker Totem

    Sculpture titled "Pileated Woodpecker Totem" by Bob Turan made of wood, epoxy resin, and welded steel.

    Bob Turan’s Pileated Woodpecker Totem features a rescued natural tree trunk formerly standing near his home in Earlton, NY. Says Turan, The sculpture was started by carpenter ants and then continued by a pair of Pileated Woodpeckers. Deconstruction was by the local highway department and reconstruction was carried out by the artist. The seemingly ...

  • Life

    A recycled and welded steel sculpture titled "Life" by miChelle Vara.

    miChelle Vara’s sculpture Life features her exploration of form and surface as the mass-produced, salvaged, rusted steel beams are bent and manipulated to record the artist’s actions. A gyrating, living form seems to magically emerge from the humble materials. Vara purposely incorporates the past life of her sculptural material; allowing them to maintain their former ...

Oswego Art Banner Initative, 2014

Four banners hang on the facade of Penfield Library facing the quad and display the work of four faculty members from the art department. The banners were designed and curated by Cynthia Clabough, the art department chair. Each banner is 10′ x 18′.