TAG @ SUNY Oswego Metro Center

Two exhibition spaces at SUNY Oswego Metro Center augment and reinforce the educational mission of the Metro Center itself; hosting approximately eight changing exhibitions annually with a variety of subjects. These may include thematic exhibitions that engage viewers in current issues or highlight a single artist’s vision always with special attention paid to community involvement.

Located in the heart of downtown Syracuse, the mission of the SUNY Oswego Metro Center is to educate and develop students and professionals at all stages of their careers. The Metro Center is a dynamic hub where scholarship and practice intersect to provide meaningful educational experiences, address real-world problems and create a workforce capable of stimulating and managing a vital local economy.


  • Ink is my Charcoal: New work by Marcela Hanford

    Marcela Hanford was born in Switzerland to Mexican parents. Much of her childhood was spent in Europe, following her parents’ different postings. Shuttling between Rome and London she was exposed to art from an early age, and grew up surrounded by artists, art historians, and conservators. She currently resides in beautiful Central New York where she ...

  • Jowonio Children’s Projects Artists in Residence: 2002 – 2012

    Jowonio Children's Projects Artists in Residence: 2002 - 2012

    – Jowonio’s mission is to provide model inclusive programs for young children, where diversity is celebrated and all are free to learn and grow. Located in Syracuse, NY, Jowonio began in 1969 as an alternative school for children whose families wanted a more open and individualized approach than they felt they could find in a public ...

  • Urban Beat

    Urban Beat

    Linda Bigness is a painter whose work explores the hidden surfaces found within the urban landscape. When exploring an area of a city where urban renewal has infiltrated into the deteriorated architecture, time passed is revealed. Demolished walls expose another time and hidden signs of another era. Renewal often brings into ...

  • The Adventures of Ignatius the Iguana

    The Adventures of Ignatius the Iguana

    Ignatius just wanted to be famous for something good, so he ran away from home. This series is an ongoing tale of Ignatius and his pal, Pedro, as they work their way through the challenges the world throws their way. The travels of Ignatius and his friend are illustrated by alumna and former art faculty ...

  • Apartheid and Identity

    Apartheid & Identity: Race, Place and Being

    This multimedia group exhibition explores the convergences between South Africa’s struggle against Apartheid and the US Civil Rights movement struggle for voting rights through the Tyler Gallery’s joint collaboration with Syracuse Stage and ArtRage Gallery. In February, Syracuse Stage hosts an international production of Athol Fugard’s celebrated 1972 play, Sizwe Banzi is Dead. John Kani, ...