A work from TAG @ Large

Life 2000

miChelle Vara

Wilton, NY

recycled and welded steel

A recycled and welded steel sculpture titled "Life" by miChelle Vara.
Credit: Image courtesy of the artist.

miChelle Vara’s sculpture Life features her exploration of form and surface as the mass-produced, salvaged, rusted steel beams are bent and manipulated to record the artist’s actions. A gyrating, living form seems to magically emerge from the humble materials. Vara purposely incorporates the past life of her sculptural material; allowing them to maintain their former identity. Life incorporates steel members from a bulldozer and a trailer home. In 2011, miChelle created a new commemorative work from steel saved from the World Trade Center. Writes Vara, “Metal articles once performed a function then discarded and abandoned. Found by a treasure hunter who stored preserved and selected for a new function.

As well as creating her own sculpture, miChelle is founder and Director of Ballard Road Art Studio where she provides a variety of art services for two and three dimensional objects such as welding, fabricating, airbrushing, etc.

Recent Exhibition that included miChelle Vara are “Art Party” Charles F. Lucas Confectionary, Troy NY, 2013, “InVoices”- Mary Dooly College Center, Chicopee, MA, 2012, “War of the Worlds” Sage College, Troy NY, 2012 and “Fli –N- Shu” The National Bottle Museum, Ballston Spa NY, 2012.

For more information visit http://mvarametalandpaint.com/site/.